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For All The Pay Site Girls

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BBWs and their larger brethren have been making money with adult websites for over a decade now.  Take a look inside, and you’ll find just as many characters and gimmicks (and in some cases, drama) as you’d find in the wrestling business.  In the 80s, Hulkamania ran wild.  In the 90s, everyone who resented their boss wore an Austin 3:16 shirt.  In recent years, millions of children are proud members of John Cena’s Cenation (or however he spells it).  With every generation, the wrestling business has something fresh and exciting to make money with.  In the world of BBW adult entertainment, however, only one gimmick consistently dominates the rest: feeding and gaining.

I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I don’t get swept up into this fetish, because I do.  To see a gorgeous woman insist that she looks better in a fatter body is everything I’ve ever fantasized about, and to see one work her way up the scales is wildly erotic.  In recent years, however, my stance on the subject has changed some, and it’s because of people who say things like this:

“hell i think the woman is beautiful the bigger she gets so id be lying if i said i didnt want to know if she is still packing on the lb’s but if shes not then i think the people who are paying good money in anticipation of a new trip to the scale video, should be informed and have the choice to jump to another active gainer. feeders are a huge part of the plus size community and deserve to be accepted as much as the rest. and as sad as it is when some one dies you still have to remember that that person had free will and made a choice and i for one respect it.”

This was a comment recently posted on that super-popular blog I wrote about someone well-known in the industry as well as the subculture itself.  When you look beneath the grammatical errors, you’ll find an implication that women who engage in extreme feeding and gaining are just as interchangeable and replaceable as headlights on your car.  If one of these girls stops gaining?  Or just fuckin’ dies?  No biggie, because this guy is simply going to find someone else to fill the void left behind…and then he wants respect.

I wonder if this guy is a father, and whether or not he’d give a speech like this to a 700 lb daughter who smoked and ate fried chicken all day.

This person does not represent ALL FAs, but sadly, he represents an alarmingly high amount.  It’s difficult for me to read a comment like that and not take offense to it, because I know a lot of women who earn money in this line of work.  Doesn’t matter if there is mutual admiration or hatred between myself and (*insert pay site girl here*), because they’re still people.  Some of these people died way before their time.  Two of them were friends of mine, and it fucking BURNS me to know that while I wept, several cock-jerking fap masters either shrugged their shoulders or got mad that the site was taken down before moving on and paying their $9.95 to see another girl devour two pizzas on her own.

Another dear friend of mine feared that she would be next.  She recently weighed in higher than she’s ever done in the past, and she was worried that she was on her way to immobility and deteriorating health.  Fortunately, I was able to interject before the situation spiraled out of control.  One month after teaching her some basic yoga, I’m pleased to report that she’s 15 lbs lighter with improved strength and mobility.  Thousands of men will probably shun her for it, but I won’t, and yeah, I’m a feeder.  Her friendship is ultimately more important, and I want her to be around the next time I visit her neck of the woods for another fun dinner with her and her man.

Knowing that such a small thing was enough for her to change her life for the better, I urge ALL pay site girls to follow her lead.  I’m not your father, I’m not your husband, and in most cases, I’m not even your friend.  I’m not going to tell you what to do with your free time…but if something troublesome should come of your chosen lifestyle, the guys who flatter you and worship you will flatter and worship someone else if you decide to make the changes that my friend recently did.  Are people like that worth the effort you put in?  Feeding and gaining can be fun.  And wildly erotic.  But not if your friends have to bury you while guys like this take their lotion elsewhere.  I’m a fan of feederism, but I’m also a fan of keeping a body strong.  So, if you’re looking for a comfortable balance in order to stay healthy and enjoy this erotic practice, then by all means, contact me.  I want to see you big and beautiful, and I want to see you strong.

Starting A Chapter In Buffalo

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It’s been a busy, busy, busy couple of months.

Since the start of 2013, I’ve been blessed with some golden opportunities that couldn’t be passed on, and one of those opportunities involved a documentary about unique couples and their success stories.  This 10-episode documentary follows couples seen widely as abnormal, and intends to bring you into their lives in an effort to show just how normal they really are.  In a time in which America’s divorce rate is reaching alarming highs, this documentary will introduce you to 20 couples that mainstream society may deem bizarre, and suggest that mainstream society may just learn a thing or two about them if they refrain from passing judgment for once.  Having said that, one could argue that it’s an anti-bullying piece.

Jess and I have been selected to be one of the featured couples, all of whom will have around 25 minutes of airtime to tell their story.  I haven’t seen any of the footage yet, but I’m confident that our segment will be one of the most positive representations of the BBW world ever put together for television.  Our producers were not out to do anything remotely close to shock TV, and they worked diligently to ensure that the discussions and events could be tied into a story that we were comfortable with (and proud of) telling.  We were asked to discuss how we met, what we like/didn’t like about the subculture that brought us together, and we tackled various forms of discrimination that fat people and their admirers encounter regularly.  There was no fetish talk.  No throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it was fully cooked.  No exercise segment in which the fat girl curls up and ugly-cries on the floor because she’d rather eat ice cream than do some yoga.  Once again, Jess and I wanted to do something that our friends in the BBW/FA world would be proud of; something that could inspire the next generation.

For the finishing touch, my producers urged me to jump-start my plans to run BBW bashes in Buffalo and assemble a dance party of about 20 people.  With our combined efforts, we secured the private room of one of downtown Buffalo’s hottest bars for one night, and with YOUR support, we packed that room with 45 people.  I had the pleasure of meeting many new friends who were eager to see BBW events hosted in Buffalo, and I got to know some acquaintances on a more personal level.  With a clean conscience, I can tell you that it was a drama-free evening and that everyone left smiling.  As always, the best moments were at the after-parties, and by the time I went to bed that night, I knew that my name was attached to something to be proud of, and that the people of Buffalo want their bashes and want them NOW.

Not bad for an event assembled and promoted in under two weeks.

I’d love to get on the next BBW In The Buff right away, but the other golden opportunity I referred to lies with M&T Bank.  Recently, I was offered a position to work in credit counseling on mortgages.  I’ve been in Buffalo for nearly three years now, and this is the first lucrative offer I’ve gotten to work for a reputable employer.  In addition, spring is right around the corner and other friends of mine will be hosting events from Boston to San Diego, and I don’t want to solicit any of their business, so once I get situated with M&T, I’ll get to work on arranging an event for a summer date that people will be comfortable with.  There will be more on this in the weeks to come, and of course, I’ll provide the name, air date, and station of the documentary once it becomes available.

Thank you for your support.  Stay tuned…more to come!



Exercise Classes at Bashes?

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In February, I’ll be attending the first-ever Vegas BBW Winter Weekend.  A good friend of mine also plans to attend, but she was somewhat shocked to see that Zumba classes and self-defense classes will be on the schedule.  While she thought that they were out of place, I insist that there’s no better place for classes of that nature to be hosted.  Some of you may wonder why I’d support this idea, especially after blasting an event last year in Florida in which a weight loss surgeon was invited to pass out business cards.

In the near two years that I’ve been running this blog, I’ve cited my lower back injury several times.  Back injuries are like herpes…once you have it, YOU HAVE IT, and they can come back to haunt you whenever God’s having a bad day.  Someone must have pissed off the almighty something fierce, because my injury came back a week before Thanksgiving and I’m still not fully recovered from it.  The pain was so bad that something as simple as standing up straight was too painful to accomplish.  Thankfully, my body is strong, and I can be up and about relatively quickly while it continues to heal.

Some friends of mine aren’t that fortunate.  I know quite a few ladies who have issues with their mobility, but unlike mine, theirs are not temporary.  Their issues are experienced daily, and they are constantly relying on people to get by wherever they go.  While I shared in their plight only for a few days, it was still enough to remind me just how important it is for people of all sizes to incorporate some exercise into their day-to-day lives.

Everyone jumped on a bandwagon and waved a flag for the HAES (Health At Every Size) campaign last year, but I’m not convinced that everyone truly understood what it meant.  To me, HAES doesn’t mean that you’re fine because you’re not diabetic despite weighing 2-3 times as much as the average person.  It means that you can maintain a degree of fitness in spite of your size, and classes for Zumba or self defense or yoga are available for you to prove this to yourself.

Before you ask me what gives, or why I’m supporting one idea while blasting another, make sure you’re aware that you’d be comparing apples to oranges, and that I’m not supporting exercise classes simply because my friend happens to be hosting this Vegas event.  As far as I’m concerned, inviting your guests to prove to themselves that they can be strong and healthy is a far cry from rounding them up into a room so a butcher can hand out his business card and make his pockets even deeper.  When it came to condemning the latter, I do believe I compared the idea to the German concentration camps by calling the blog Shower Time for the Fatties, because that’s honestly how I saw it.  To do such a thing is in poor taste for bash.  The vast majority of women who attend these events want to feel beautiful, and to gather them all to introduce them to a weight loss surgeon in a play pen designed for their privacy and protection is worse than the stares they get at the workplace every day.

Weight loss surgery doesn’t work.  It kills.  Contrary to popular belief, whatever doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger, because weight loss surgery survivors find themselves living in weaker bodies and they ALL gain the weight back.  A good friend of mine from outside the BBW world is considering getting another lap band, and just recently, I spent about a half hour reminding him that the one he had put in THREE YEARS ago was a failure whereas beginner’s yoga is a proven success that’s been working for centuries.  Even a low-impact, minimal effort will be enough for him or for other friends of mine to elevate their heart rates while strengthening the muscles in their arms and legs.

Wouldn’t it be better to invite your guests to smash the stereotype that fat women are lazy cows?  That they CAN be fit and healthy in the bodies they have?  I’d like to think so, and that’s why I fully support the exercise classes that we’ll find in Vegas in Feb.  And for all you creeper perverts who got no game to your name, perhaps the self defense classes will allow you the opportunity to have your hands all over the women, but, don’t be surprised if you get kicked in the balls anyway.

See you all in Vegas.  In the meantime, if you’re a fan of my message, then perhaps you’ll be a fan of my art.  Visit my online store for BBW art printed on all sorts of stocking-stuffers ranging from pins to shot glasses.

Lying to Fat Girls + Lying With Fat Girls = chaos

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Today’s blog is more of a public service announcement than a rant about how much I hate the universe, though I suppose some of my entries serve either purpose no matter what I say.  Be that as it may, one of the goals of this blog space has always been to call FAs to task whenever they make a mess, and today’s is likely to leave a few nasty stains on the bed sheets.

I’m going to tell you about a young man named Martin, who hails from New York City.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Martin in person a few times, and each time I shook his hand, I was met with a warm smile, positive energy, and a charisma that could not be denied.  I even gave him a ride to the NJ Bash once, thus allowing me time to get to know him outside the drinking and flirting that we were surrounded by whenever we were in the same place at the same time.  He was articulate, intelligent, funny, and an all-around pleasure to have in class.  These good qualities made him very popular at these events, and they also served him well when he supplied some commentary in the famous Village Voice article that was published last year.

I haven’t spoken to Martin since 2009, and just recently, I received a link to his wedding photo.  There he stood, all spiffy in his tuxedo, and standing next to him was a bride that weighed no more than 130 lbs.  The photo was inserted into this blog when it was first published, but removed once I learned that it was a copyrighted image.  Nonetheless, the same guy who spoke out so adamantly against closeted FAs in that Village Voice article is apparently a closeted FA himself.  It should come as no surprised that he works in theater, because he put up quite an act; most of us were fooled.

This would explain why Martin never attended any events outside the NY/NJ area…he had a thin girlfriend that might have gotten suspicious if he was taking the same trips to Boston, Las Vegas, or San Diego that I’ve been taking over the past six years.  How do you explain that you’re going to be hanging out with 300 horny fat women in a hotel?  And even better…how do you explain to said horny fat women that you can’t commit to them because you’ve got a thin fiance waiting at home?

It’s shameful.  On many levels.  I was quite fond of Martin when I got to know him, and when I see something like this, I’m heart-broken and infuriated all at once, and for the same reasons.  In the two years that I knew him, and saw him at the NJ BBW events, he was lying to me, to himself, and most of all, he was lying to the women he claimed to be so fond of.  Was he really attracted to them?  Did he just figure them to be easy sex?

I don’t know when this wedding took place or when the photo was taken, but I do know that he still remains in contact with some of the BBW friends he’s made over the years.  He hasn’t shown his face anywhere in a while, but I’m told that he’s the one who ghost-wrote Juicy Jacqulyn’s statement to Jezebel regarding last year’s unflattering Ashley Madison ad.

Martin, if you’re reading this, I’m disappointed in you.  And I’m angry with you.  Your behavior and your double-life have hurt myself as well as people who are close to me, and you turned out to be nothing more than a con man.

And for all the people who hate me for my attitude and opinions while you exchange pleasantries with Martin?  Say what you want about my behavior and anger issues, but at least I’ve been truthful with all of you.  I’m not a mirage, I’m not a ghost, and I’m sure as shit not a con man.  As for Martin?  Well, it’s guys like him who ruin this subculture for everybody else.  Not all women are strong enough to easily shake the insecurities developed from being a fat woman in a thin-centric world.  Some women never shake them, and it’s partly because of the closeted FAs who attend bashes for some easy sex; because of Pied Pipers like Martin.

Ladies, tread carefully around this man, because he’s not what he says he is.  He has given his heart to someone else, and that someone is probably a third your size.

And yes, I DID have to post this blog.  Lots of people in the BBW world continue to have loads of fun tarnishing my reputation with stories that aren’t true (like the one about me sleeping with Plump Princess in some flea bag motel in NJ when I had a girlfriend 1500 miles away), so here’s me having loads a fun with a story that is true.


I tried my best not to personally attack Martin when I published this rant last night.  Once again, I was actually quite fond of the guy before I was made privy to his little secret.  Well, years later, it turns out that it’s not much of a secret after all.  Most of his friends from the BBW world knew that he was cheating on a thin girlfriend all these years, yet he is still welcome in some of the inner circles.  I’ve got a friend who beat a subtance abuse problem and turned his entire life around, but these same people refuse to forgive him while lying, cheating, closeted Martin is still welcome at their tables.  It proves what I’ve been saying about people in this community for years: as long as their egos are getting fluffed, then it doesn’t matter who or where it’s coming from.

Shame on all of you.

The Price of Freedom

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I will NEVER be able to give you any advice or assess a given scenario from a woman’s perspective.  Yet, after over a decade spent among the BBW world and all of its events and lifestyles and characters, I’d imagine that I speak true when I say that women feel liberated once they break themselves in, whether it’s in one of the online forums or in person at one of the events.  There is an overwhelming sense of freedom that creeps up on a gal when she loses herself to the sights and the sounds and the energies found within.  She is among like-minded people who either find her attractive or are all too familiar with her daily struggles, and the company of strangers becomes more comforting than a family reunion.
That’s when life changes for that hypothetical BBW, because with this freedom comes a change in attitude.  That’s when the comfort of the bashes and the people influence her to say, “I’m part of the It Crowd now, so everything I do from now on is totally okay”.  This leads to changes in lifestyle.  Suddenly, balanced diet and exercise are more bothersome than they were before…and why bother?  The boys love it when they see a girl getting bigger, right?  So now, your hypothetical BBW has the freedom to do as she pleases, knowing in the back of her mind that her new friends will love and accept her just as she is.
As the song Desperado says, freedom is “just some people talkin’ “.  Freedom is fun, but if it isn’t managed properly, problems can arise.  I should know this just as well as anybody, considering how I mismanaged my freedom until a DWI came along and altered my life entirely.  I’m literally and figuratively still paying for it, but I’ll still be able to walk away from it with a valuable lesson in responsibility…and soon.
Not all BBWs get to walk away with a valuable lesson learned.  In fact, most of them don’t.
Another friend to the BBW world passed away two days ago.  I didn’t know her at all, but I knew a bit about her from watching the videos she posted on YouTube prior to starting a pay site.  She was well over 600 lbs, smoked, and from what I understand, her boyfriend encouraged her to carry on with a lazy, indulgent lifestyle.  This lifestyle is now cut short—permanently—and this girl was only in her mid 20s (25, I think).
As stated, she had a handful of videos posted on YouTube centering on her size and weight before she opened a site.  One of these videos revealed her weight at that time, which was apparently higher than it had ever been.  She delivered this news with tears in her eyes, and then began talking about how places like Dimensions and Fantasy Feeder were becoming her only outlets in her quest to find acceptance; to find her comfort zone.  Her pay site opened months later, so I’d imagine that she found what she was looking for rather quickly.  Somewhere in between, I’d also imagine that she experienced that aforementioned feeling of freedom.  Knowing that all she needed to do to feel good was open her doors to her FA friends, her rapid increases in weight were just about as bothersome as a mosquito at a BBQ in the backyard.
So, looking back, the price of freedom can be very costly.  Every last lecherous FA who wants to relentlessly feeds a girl to over 600 lbs and every last BBW who enjoys having her personal cabana boy to fetch her ice cream would do well to learn from this heartbreaking story, because as you all can see, there are consequences for your actions.  You like living an indulgent lifestyle?  Fair enough.  Enjoy it, but enjoy it responsibly…just like I should have enjoyed rum responsibly.  Ladies…stop having your boyfriend drop you off at the entrance to the restaurant and put your legs to use.  After all, you’re going to need them if you don’t intend to spend your days bound to a bed by your own mass.  Take five or ten of fifteen minutes out of your day to strengthen your muscles with some yoga…any gal over 500 lbs won’t need to do much for the benefits that come along with it.  Gentlemen…see to it that your girlfriends stay away from cigarettes and get in the exercise they need to keep their hearts and muscles strong.
The BBW world is there for comfort…NOT to make you invincible.

One Year Later

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It’s been well over a year since this entry was posted.  However, any time I log into WordPress to check blog activity, it’s always within the top five most viewed blogs of the week.  Usually, it tops the list at #1.

If there’s one thing that’s changed since then, it’s that Heather and myself are once again on speaking terms.  As stated in a previous blog entry from this past winter, Heather made the trip to Buffalo to take me out to dinner and mend fences.  I’ve known Heather a long time.  Longer than she’s known her own husband.  And she was a big (har har) influence on the Fat Admirer who writes these words in this little corner of cyber space.  It’s hard to just dismiss that, and enough time has passed for me to distance myself from the issues I had with her friends and her events, so it was nice to see her and put it all behind us.

Yet, the blog regarding her weight gain is consistently #1, and our rekindled friendship rules out the possibility of drama queens rushing in to dig for some drama to bring back to her.  Having said that, I think I can safely assume that one thing that hasn’t changed is the caliber of men who frequent Heather’s events and flirt with her models and her friends.  On the internet.  With rude/offensive approaches.

Since that blog was posted, myself and other members of the BBW universe have been making appearances on television shows and magazines.  Every one of them has a story to tell, and most of them are doing it to promote passion projects (which is fine), but they’re bringing awareness to the community nonetheless, and giving it an opportunity to grow, mature, and improve.  However, there are more women appearing in these media facets than there are men.  Instead of supporting the cause and sending positive messages to like-minded people, the men of the BBW world are too busy jerking off behind closed doors because they’re socially inept or they’re too embarrassed to be seen with a fat woman in public…even if it’s at a bash.

The following cartoon can explain why they get away with it:

During my days working the counter at the pizza place, there was an old man who’d come in once a week and chat with me while his takeout was cooking.  I remember the day he told me about when he went to the mall and flirted with all the women in the store he was shopping in.  He acknowledged that he wasn’t a stud by any means, but he then pointed to his mouth and said “you’ll get more pussy with this than you will with anything else”.  In other words, “be charming, not intrusive”.  And I remember the tiresome ‘breasts target’ gag from TV shows throughout the 80s and 90s, when women would get frustrated with the men who’d stare at their breasts during a conversation.  Both the old man and the TV shows taught me the same lesson: if you take a liking to a young lady, then you’d best not overwhelm her like you’re both animals in the wild.

Having said that, someone better call the Discovery Channel to document the next big BBW event, because animalistic behavior is normally all I see.  Nearly one year after breaking bread with Heather and reaching out to people I haven’t spoken to in a dog’s age, men are still limiting the value of their BBW friends to their looks and size, and their BBW friends are allowing it and even encouraging it.

You meet all kinds of people when you go to the BBW events, but you leave with very few genuine friends.  People love to get as much time as they can with each other because they feel like they’re a part of something wonderful and can’t get enough.  So, they’ll go to the beach together, go to dinner together, but sooner or later, insecurities have the last laugh and that’s when the claws come out.  You’ll only meet a small handful of people who are genuinely happy to see you whenever they can, and genuinely want to do their part in helping you discover and express who you are.  But they don’t stick around long, and all you have to do is take a look around you to understand why.  Nearly every smiley-faced FA I’ve met has turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Maybe they’re hiding a thin girlfriend at home or maybe they’re cheating on a spouse, but even the smartest girl at the party won’t say anything about it until she feels that she’s been wronged.

The funniest part is that every last one of them wants to wave the flag for size acceptance.  And not one of them understands that it’s all a figment of their imaginations.  After all, who the fuck would want to accept a subculture that condones behavior like this?

The Rise & Fall of Susanne Eman

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It’s been about a year since Susanne Eman stormed into the BBW world.  Like Pauline Potter and Donna Simpson before her, she ran a Bombshells website that celebrated voluntary weight gain and documented her progress and day-to-day life with pictures and videos that men (and women) enjoyed for $15 a month.  Just like Pauline and Donna, Susanne went to the media with her quest to be the world’s fattest woman, and has appeared on numerous talk shows and news broadcasts.

As they say, “another one bites the dust”.  (Once again) Just like Donna and Pauline, Susanne is abandoning her admirers and her mission
for a healthier, more private lifestyle.

You all know that I’m an advocate of the feederism lifestyle and a devout supporter of woman who enjoy their larger bodies and the men
who admire them, which is why it may surprise you to know that I think Susanne is doing the right thing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Susanne last year when we appeared on The Dr Oz Show together.  She’s a sweet gal with a fiance who
obviously missed his calling in standup comedy; the guy is hilarious.  Yet, I wasn’t buying into the story she had to tell on camera that
day, mainly because of people like Pauline Potter and Donna Simpson and their respective histories.

Being the world’s fattest woman requires an expensive diet that leads to immobility.  When I herniated a disc in my lower back, I was
immobile for about two weeks, and I fucking hated it.  It was agonizing to crawl out of bed to do something as simple as pouring a
bowl of cereal or walking 15 feet to access to the toilet.  Can you imagine how painful it was to make my way up two sets of stairs to
shower?  And how hard it was to stand up straight without slipping and breaking my neck?  I managed, though.  I’m a firm believer in self
reliance, but even if I wasn’t, I had no one there to look after me and assist me while I was injured.  It was a depressing two weeks, and
three years later, I’m still feeling the aftereffects in my lower back.

Having been through that mess, I wouldn’t endorse Susanne’s pursuit of her goal, which is why I was happy to hear that Dr Phil recently
talked her into reversing it to weight loss rather than weight gain.  I haven’t seen the episode, but, I don’t need to.  Once again, this is
the same path that Pauline Potter and Donna Simpson once waddled on, and this path led to the same ending for all three.

So why am I not criticizing Susanne the way I’ve criticized Pauline and Donna for the same behavior?  It’s not because I consider Susanne
a friend.  It’s also not because that moron Donna Simpson declared herself the Rosa Parks of feederism.  Yes, all three women voluntarily
increased their body weights.  Yes, all three women opened up BBW soft porn sites and used the media to advertise.

The difference is in the family photo.  All three of them have children, but as far as I know, Susanne is still engaged to be married where as
Pauline and Donna found themselves single last year.  I don’t know either of them, I don’t know what the circumstances were, but I’m
willing to bet that once the men in their lives walked out, both women freaked out and said “oh shit…I have to be a mom again”.  All of a
sudden, they hated their bodies and their lifestyles.  All of a sudden, the same two women who revelled in their increasing body
weights and insisted they were okay were now telling the world that they were dreadfully unhealthy, and that they needed help.

By the way, these two women are NOT victims of abusive, controlling men.  No one tied either of them to their beds and force-fed them.
They stuffed themselves and smiled for the cameras, hoping that it would turn into easy money and keep their men from running off, and
from the look of things, neither of those goals were attained.

Some girls make a lot of money with BBW soft porn; enough to keep up with the rent and the bills.  I’m fully aware that someone as large as
Susanne Eman has limited options when it comes to income, so I won’t judge her or anyone else for wanting to do a site, but I can’t sit
here and believe that she can take care of her two sons when she can’t get out of bed.  Ben Franklin once said that death and taxes are the only
things in this life that you can depend on, which is why I’m happy to know that Susanne is considering the well-being of her sons instead of
pushing the responsibility on a husband that may not be around (for whatever reason) for as long as she’d like.

For that, I wish her good luck, and I’m proud of her decision.


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